Developer specific

Do you want to penetrate a new market segment, improve lead conversions and prospect close rates, move up the food chain to more complex projects or add differentiating value to your development process? Are your people trusted advisors?

Are you targeting high-performing, mid-tier and fast-growing companies?

Landing a prospect is a more complex and sophisticated exercise today. A developer needs to provide much more upfront expertise in managing client expectations, discovering opportunities in the business and providing guidance in the effective use of collaboration and content management.

Larger scope and more complex projects — what are the components (in what components do they lie)? What does a successful project involve or look like?

More firepower in pre-sales support for complex content requirements through use cases, envisioning, strategy development, etc. provide an effective competitive differentiator which improves lead conversions and a higher close rate. That means more and better quality work.

Improving requirements and business analysis results in more effective expectation management, a crucial factor in a successful project. Prospect or client opportunities arise from early analysis of content inventories and workflow.

The new normal requires effective peer group development as a means a higher adoption rate. Developing key groups of users as a peer group decision making stakeholder group results in more effective and broader participation, fewer late feature requests, discovery of capabilities and impacts expectation management. By adding educating, guiding and coaching peer groups.

Navigating the pre-sale shoals of low-ball easy, fast and cheap deployments of SharePoint can be countered by

Large deployments require ongoing support and models such as the Center of Excellence address the need for in-house and on demand capabilities including usability, analytics, etc. Promoting such capabilities brings significant outsourced training and customization opportunities. This fosters faster adoption and broader and deeper deployments.

There is an opportunity to promote more capable UIs for high performance users and workgroups in authoring and other tasks which means larger productivity gains and a higher ROI.

An effective approach to upselling, cross-selling and enhancements means more revenue at a lower cost than new sales (simply exposing the customer to other options he or she may not have considered previously). Doing so requires a model which makes a progression or evolution in capabilities a integral aspect of the process. In addition, this has the effect of keeping out the competition as well as an ongoing source of referrals.

There are opportunities in existing processes and content to make content applications and complex information products the wedge to higher visibility for work in the client organization, a more credible ROI business case and the validation of the progressive enhancement approach. Such use cases from the organization's own opportunities and pain points are very effective when credible and documented.