Content that’s crucial to get right

Quality stamp image.

What’s been missing is a focus on the content itself – how content is authored. Transform ambiguous, confusing and inconsistent content into clear, concise, consistent, and credible content.

Content is a valuable business asset that can be strategically leveraged.

Begin by identifying the high value content, the 10-25% of your content that really needs to work.

To see what’s working—the content that is popular and effective—do an inventory and analysis of your content.

Rethink, restructure and rewrite that content so that it’s more valuable, usable and discoverable.

For example, use custom content types to suit the different content formats you need such as web page content, blog posts, articles, news items, email newsletters. white papers, ebooks.

Then maintain this subset of all of a site’s content so that it’s accurate, fresh, original and timely.