Richard Harbridge is a SharePoint expert whose presentations are superb in both their technical and educational qualities. He has technical expertise that he can deliver in a compelling and understandable fashion.

Granted, a PowerPoint slide deck is a poor representation of a person delivering a presentation. Still, it gives you an idea of his thinking process. So I can recommend his Is SPFest Chicago one, Your SharePoint Healthy? What's The Right Prescription?.

Apart from its value on the topic itself, the presentation is an excellent example of a key promotional technique for consultants. It offers a diagnostic technique that enables you to evaluate your SharePoint facility. In doing so, it describes a service that Richard offers as well as represents the kind of work that he does. It's a soft sell and very effective.

I attended a day long workshop on information architecture that Richard conducted with Ruven Gotz at the SharePoint Summit 2012 in May about which I intend to write in October — stay tuned.

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This post marks my return to active WordPress blogging n the occasion of the WordCamp Toronto 2012 event.

Taking my own advice — the best way to write is to just start writing — I will get going with this post and continue with posts on some of the things I found noteworthy at WordCamp this year.

In reviewing the WordCamp schedule, I see the three streams and their lists of sessions and the page with the individual sessions but no schedule that shows all the sessions so that they can be compared and sessions from each stream selected. In other words, the table listing the sessions (rows) by streams (solumns) is missing.

Otherwise, I like the site and its clean and well-organized layout. The speakers are given the prominence they're due and the featured ones is an effective promotional technique.

So far, so good!

More to come ….

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This post is the text of a presentation to the 2010-12-04 session of the WordPress Toronto Meetup group. Note that the local links do not work (yet). I will either fix or remove them by 2010-12-06 (48 hours).

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WordPress Toronto Meetup 2010-12-04

Robin Macrae (

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Men Are Doomed
, David Brooks expressed the opinion that Western linear thinking was less valid than the Asian contextual and associational style.

I found the following excerpt to be something worth pondering:

Asians place emphasis on context
while Westerners place more emphasis on individuals. This seems like a gross
generalization but it is robustly supported by hundreds and hundreds of
studies. Richard Nisbett’s book,
The Geography of Thought summarizes some of the evidence.

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There is a pending next session idea, OWL 2 – Newly Adopted Standard, in the The Toronto Semantic Web Meetup Group (William Mougaya).

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I enjoyed the 2010-07-18 session in part because, as a group, we have now met three or four times now and the social and collaborative aspects are starting to kick in. Although we expected attendance to drop, in fact we had a good sized group which was a healthy mixture of regulars and new people.

Why don't we consider moving to a twice monthly format?

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These are notes of things that interest me as opposed to a report on what occurred in the session. In part, this is because the session consisted of a conversation amongst two, three or four people. See also Add second regular monthly session for ‘workshops’?

Updated: 2010-07-20, 1200: Pearson/Mullenweg kerfuffle external links.

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Updated 2010-07-22: revised
Using get_permalink for links in posts and

The session today is a workshop in which several of our
members will answer one on one questions specific to each person’s blog and,
hopefully, resolve issues and problems on the spot.

Here are mine:

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There is a good discussion of what the home page is intended to accomplish in Matt Mullenweg's 2010-07-14 thread (1,200 words) in WordPress Development Updates about his latest tweaking of its content.

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