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Content not converting?

Your content isn't generating the traffic you need for lead generation and sales and revenue are impacted. Content promotion gets you in front of the right audience at the right time—think of it as content advertising—and converting more.

In the beginning was the word image.

Content first

In the beginning was the Word ….

Build your site around real content—not dummy and filler text. Putting content first speeds production and results in a better site design.

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance

WordPress is famous for its simplicity. That can lead to trouble because it's easy to overlook essential maintenance of your content to ensure that its accurate and up to date. Learn what it takes to run your website like a finely tuned machine.

Long-form content is high ROI with reuse

Long-form content—1,500 words or more—is high value content in both popularity and usefulness. What's the best way to produce and present it so that it engages your audience?

Something out of the ordinary

It's an enterprise prospect/client,
a larger than usual project,
some up front consulting making you nervous.

Content hard to navgate and find

Think of an iceberg. Your site's users may only be seeing the easily visible (findable) posts and pages when there's a treasure trove to be discovered. Improve navigation and findability of your content with better organization, easy to browse menus and well-tuned search.


Evergreen content is high ROI content

Evergreen content—“how to” guides and tutorials, resource lists, FAQs—lasts longer and takes you farther. It's your key to great rankings and an investment that pays off.

Intelligent, adaptive and future-proof

How do you take your business's content into a future state in which it is usable, reusable and findable? Change your content strategy from producing disposable artifacts to digital assets that are adaptive and future-proof.

Improve the way content is developed

Time to bring the content chaos under control and get serious? Content is too valuable a component of your business strategy and your digital assets to continue this way. Now it's time for content governance, editorial workflow management and a content production and collaboration process.

That gnarly, always being put off project

A small project that's been bugging you.
It just doesn't fit in anywhere.
It's web or IT or marketing or all three.
Get it done (finally!) and make it a tryout.

Small budget, fast turnaround,
quick and predictable outcome and return.

SEO structured data presentation image for WordPress Toronto event 2017-02-18.

Structured data SEO presentation at WPTO Meetup 2017-02-18

February 19, 2017

The slides presented at the combined WPToronto East: Let’s talk SEO – The Toronto WordPress Group (Toronto, ON) | Meetup and Hands-On Workshop – The Toronto WordPress Group (Toronto, ON) | Meetup events are available in a downloadable PDF version: SEO structured data presentation PDF for WordPress Toronto event 2017-02-18 I will be doing the full…

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Data Markup Strategy for SEO notes, 2016-11-23 | WordPress Toronto Meetup

November 23, 2016

Introduction This post contains the notes for the presentation by Robin Macrae at the WordPress Demos, Tips and Tutorials | WordPress Toronto Meetup on 2016-11-23. See the Data Markup Strategy for SEO presentation, 2016-11-23 post for the presentation itself. General research Guides and tutorial resources Google format preference Schema types WordPress plugins Tools SEO ranking…

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Data Markup Strategy for SEO presentation, 2016-11-23 | WordPress Toronto Meetup

November 23, 2016

Introduction This post contains the presentation by Robin Macrae at the WordPress Demos, Tips and Tutorials | WordPress Toronto Meetup on 2016-11-23. See the Data Markup Strategy for SEO notes, 2016-11-23 post for the extensive notes for the presentation. Overview structured data: increases organic traffic through higher quality presentation in SERPs but ranking benefit…

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Homer Simpson's lizard brain image (large).

Seth Godin’s fear of shipping II

October 27, 2016

The Seth Godin’s fear of shipping I post is a short version prepared from this post. When I read the Seth Godin reference in Andy McIlwain‘s Content Creator’s Toolbox page, I said to myself “Wow, that’s me.” I looked at the variety of things I’d written in the last few weeks and realized for the…

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Gerry McGovern bio image.

Gerry McGovern on why the old model of users in the enterprise is kaput

October 24, 2016

From users to customers | Gerry McGovern is a terrific newsletter/post. He nails it when he describes how the user in an enterprise context is the last and least of the stakeholders in the acquisition of a CMS, CRM or other business platform. Such software is essential to the modern business and its evolving digital…

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Construction scaffolding and supplies to maintain the content of a site (image).

Meetup notes WPTO-W 2016-10-08 (Jacques Surveyer)

October 14, 2016

This session’s presentation was Jacques Surveyer‘s basic sales pitch for WP newbies on the reasons he believes make WordPress a compelling proposition for small business owners. I realized that the the 26% WordPress market share figure doesn’t take into account the number of pages by CMS. There are a lot of WP sites but many…

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