Workgroup support

Have you got a project or team bogged down in finding, organizing and sharing information instead of getting on with the job?

You have a project, team or workgroup and the need to organize and communicate urgent and important information but you need help. Your in-house resources and suppliers don't fit the bill — what can you do? The work involves complex tasks, demanding and sophisticated users, 24/7 collaboration and the need to communicate effectively to a variety of stakeholders.

A company's installed business processes are typically designed to execute routine activities. As such, they can have great difficulty handling novel initiatives, particularly when it requires coordination across different business units. Such cases are often better handled by a new framework.

The answer is a content and collaboration coach and guide to provide support in content production and management as a virtual team member. The practical solution is front-end process of selecting the appropriate components (sites, templates, parts, etc.) and an ongoing follow through to directly assist users in their projects. These services may be included in or parallel to a CMS implementation or post-implementation.