SharePoint 2010 addresses key 2007 authoring deficiencies

This is the start of a compilation of resources which describe and explain the authoring capabilities of SharePoint 2010 with a focus on those particularly painful 2007 deficiencies.

5 Cool Things in SharePoint 2010 That You May Not Know About (CMSWire, 2010-05-12) Wiki-like WYSIWYG Editor For Site Pages. Excerpts:

Editing is not fun. In fact, it can be downright annoying. And this is especially true in a web browser. Not only do we have to continually fight with our editing tool to get it to do what we want, but many times it doesn’t have the capabilities we need to make us more efficient. This is one huge improvement to the SharePoint platform that will aim to fix this problem. The editor is completely rendered in AJAX, and it is wiki-like in its execution.

You can make changes on the fly like you’re in Word, and you can quickly create/link to other pages and content by typing “[[new page]]” without the quotes. If the page doesn’t exist, then you’ll be able to create it on the fly when you click on the link. You don’t have to stop your thought process to address technical barriers.

Page Linking in SharePoint 2010

Linking to list items and documents is just as easy. Simply start typing the double brackets and you’ll get a listing of available items to link to. For documents, just type in the path to where the document lives on the server, and it will be live once you save the page.

Overview: SharePoint 2010 Metadata and Taxonomy Management (Stephanie Lemieux, 2009-11-12, 850 words). She cited Managing Metadata (MSDN Library) (see below). Excerpts from her article:

… As most of you know, MOSS 2007 had some serious challenges in this regard (e.g., no hierarchical metadata, no sharing controlled vocabularies across site collections, etc.) — and they caused information architects like me much consternation.

It would appear that SharePoint 2010 includes many new features under the umbrella of Enterprise Metadata Management, and they seem to have addressed some key issues. …

Still a lot of details to discover about how a lot of these metadata and taxonomy functions behave IRL, but for now I'm secure in my assessment that Microsoft has taken a sizable leap forward in fixing some of the ills of MOSS 2007 giving us taxonomy and metadata nerds many of the tools we need to create effective content structures in SharePoint 2010. …

The Managing Metadata (MSDN Library) topic introduces the core concepts about managed metadata, and then describes ways to use managed metadata.

In CMSWire, see also Jeff Carr's series starting with SharePoint 2010: Using Taxonomy & Controlled Vocabulary for Content Enrichment and WCM is Better in SharePoint 2010 – Is it Enough?.