Toronto Semantic Web Meetup Group: 3 sessions with Professor Ian Horrocks on OWL 2

There is a pending next session idea, OWL 2 – Newly Adopted Standard, in the The Toronto Semantic Web Meetup Group (William Mougaya).

I voted in favor of it.

I saw the description in an email, Bart Gaiderowicz has an idea for The Toronto Semantic Web Meetup Group (2010-07-19) and then voted in the idea page.

The full details are in the Google groups torontology Invited talk page and the following is the introduction:

We have the good fortune of having invited Professor Ian Horrocks (University of Oxford, and co-chair of the W3C OWL 2 Working Group, among other roles) to share his knowledge and insights with us in the next three weeks. He will give his invited talk this week, and then champion back-to-back sessions on "OWL 2" in the two weeks that follow. I am, therefore, really excited to announce the following events and am inviting you to come join us.

The Invited talk page has descriptions of each of the three consecutive Thursday sessions and their conference call participation page links:

  1. 2010-07-22
  2. 2010-07-29
  3. 2010-08-05

This is an excellent way to learn from and ask questions of an expert panel of OWL 2 researchers and developers in the field.


  1. OWL Working Group (W3C)
  2. OWL 2 Primer (W3C)
  3. OWL 2 (Semantic Web)