Structured data SEO presentation at WPTO Meetup 2017-02-18

SEO structured data presentation image for WordPress Toronto event 2017-02-18.

The slides presented at the combined WPToronto East: Let’s talk SEO – The Toronto WordPress Group (Toronto, ON) | Meetup and Hands-On Workshop – The Toronto WordPress Group (Toronto, ON) | Meetup events are available in a downloadable PDF version:

SEO structured data presentation PDF for WordPress Toronto event 2017-02-18

SEO structured data presentation page screenshot image for PodCamp Toronto conference 2017-02-24, 25.I will be doing the full presentation, Boost your Google ranking dramatically now with structured data lipstick | PCTO17 at PCTO17 – Feb. 25 – 26

See also Data Markup Strategy for SEO notes, 2016-11-23 | WordPress Toronto Meetup, my earlier post with extensive structured data research notes including articles and posts explaining key concepts and techniques in greater detail.

If you found my presentation useful, a tweet to that effect would be appreciated (@Robin_Macrae #SEO #structured data #WPTO).



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