After action report on theme demo at 2016-09-03 Meetup

This post is a follow-up to the Meetup event to which I referred in my Beaver Builder plugin and theme demo with my site at the 2016-09-03 Meetup post.

Jacques installed the Headway theme from Headway Themes (Vesped Inc.) along with the Beaver Builder page builder plugin and the CSS Hero visual CSS editor plugin.

That caught me off guard as I was expecting and had prepared to use the Beaver Builder theme.

As it turned out, I found the Headway theme v4 to be an excellent choice and got underway learning how to use it. The more I learned, the more I saw the value of this framework.

Everything was going well until I read the Headway Theme’s Future is Uncertain Amidst Financial Troubles | WordPress Tavern post and the Headway Themes (warning: do not buy) | Reddit thread. Then a colleague told me that he thought that v4 was being rolled back to a beta and that he was disappointed in theme’s support. He said he regretted buying the theme. That didn’t kill it for me but it put a dent in my confidence in it.

Now I’m evaluating another combination, the one recommended by Colin Cartwright in The Dynamik Beaver‘s about page; namely:

  1. Genesis Framework | StudioPress
  2. Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis, a premium Genesis child theme, and
  3. Genesis Extender Plugin, compatible with all Genesis child themes

More to follow.