Beaver Builder plugin and theme demo with my site at the 2016-09-03 Meetup

Updated 2016-09-16.

In preparation for Jacques
‘s WordPress Demos, Tips and Tutorials | WPTO Meetup on 2016-09-03 (Saturday), I drafted some text, collected a set of images, created several pages and found examples of pages I liked and wanted to use as a model.

Beaver Builder plugin product icon image.Briefly, my humble site is a demo site for the Meetup. Jacques will install the Beaver Builder plugin, Beaver Builder theme and the CSS Hero plugin. Then he will build a new home page using the text and images I have prepared.

I appreciate Jacques assistance and the two plugins and send a thanks to Colin Cartwright for contributing the theme.

My preparatory tasks consisted of:

  1. a draft of the new home page Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! text
  2. a set of images
  3. a list the pages which are similar to the one I have in mind
  4. add a plugin to put the site in maintenance mode
  5. backup the files and database as usual
  6. create an admin login for Jacques to use for the work

I selected the most popular of the several plugins, WP Maintenance Mode | WordPress Plugins. It was easy to configure. I worked out the page’s text in a few minutes. I turned on the timer feature.

I added the images to the Media Library. My first thought had been to upload the set to Google Drive or Dropbox but then realized that they would end up in the Media Library in due course. It’s easier to delete the ones not needed than to add them one by one during the demo.

To describe the new home page design I want is difficult in text so the following are examples to analyze, deconstruct and

  1. Electrical Web Solutions, About
  2. WordPress Page Builder Plugin | Beaver Builder
  3. Copyblogger – Content Marketing Mastery
  4. Rainmaker Platform
  5. Mautic, Products |

Second version:

  1. Parallels
  2. Diverse Website Strategies, the developer of WordPress Office 365
  3. Thrive Services

This is going to be a blast.