Another superb Richard Harbridge presentation on SharePoint

Richard Harbridge is a SharePoint expert whose presentations are superb in both their technical and educational qualities. He has technical expertise that he can deliver in a compelling and understandable fashion.

Granted, a PowerPoint slide deck is a poor representation of a person delivering a presentation. Still, it gives you an idea of his thinking process. So I can recommend his Is SPFest Chicago one, Your SharePoint Healthy? What's The Right Prescription?.

Apart from its value on the topic itself, the presentation is an excellent example of a key promotional technique for consultants. It offers a diagnostic technique that enables you to evaluate your SharePoint facility. In doing so, it describes a service that Richard offers as well as represents the kind of work that he does. It's a soft sell and very effective.

I attended a day long workshop on information architecture that Richard conducted with Ruven Gotz at the SharePoint Summit 2012 in May about which I intend to write in October — stay tuned.

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