Seth Godin’s fear of shipping I

The Seth Godin’s fear of shipping II post is the original and much longer version of this post. … thinking that everything you produce is going to be a big hit? That’s a mistake. Obsessing over every little detail? That’ll slow you down. Worried that it won’t be good enough? That’ll stop you entirely. I…

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Another superb Richard Harbridge presentation on SharePoint

Richard Harbridge is a SharePoint expert whose presentations are superb in both their technical and educational qualities. He has technical expertise that he can deliver in a compelling and understandable fashion. Granted, a PowerPoint slide deck is a poor representation of a person delivering a presentation. Still, it gives you an idea of his thinking…

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I’m back … WordCamp Toronto 2012

This post marks my return to active WordPress blogging n the occasion of the WordCamp Toronto 2012 event. Taking my own advice — the best way to write is to just start writing — I will get going with this post and continue with posts on some of the things I found noteworthy at WordCamp…

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