Meetup notes WPTO-W 2016-10-08 (Jacques Surveyer)

Construction scaffolding and supplies to maintain the content of a site (image).

This session’s presentation was Jacques Surveyer‘s basic sales pitch for WP newbies on the reasons he believes make WordPress a compelling proposition for small business owners. I realized that the the 26% WordPress market share figure doesn’t take into account the number of pages by CMS. There are a lot of WP sites but many…

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Support request produces a theme revision

I started a thread in the Tarski forum, Plugins: Front-end Editor (scribu) plugin: use of the_title_attribute() instead of the_title() (truncated after use of) in order to resolve one of the reasons why the Front-end Editor plugin wasn't working. I described my experience more generally in A good news story on plugin and theme support. In…

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A good news story on plugin and theme support

My experience yesterday debugging the installation of scribu's Front-end Editor plugin is a good lesson on the way WordPress can work. While I was disappointed that I can't use the plugin until I upgrade to 3.0, that is just around the corner and the experience has been encouraging. This plugin enables posts and pages to…

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